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Time of Day routing

Posted: August 2, 2006 by sankar in CM4.1 Features, ToD

Rule of thumb.

a. First analyze and group the time-period for which you want the partition to be active. This could be business hours (M-F, 8-5 for say).

b. If the time slots cannot be grouped into one time period, define multiple time periods.

c. Group all timeperiods into one time schedule.

d. apply time schedule to partitions and partitions to CSS.

e. calling devices should use this CSS (Gateways/ phones etc)

f. Note that when you want differential call treatment based on ToD, you need to create a tie on the dialed number. To create the tie, you have to define the same number (say 1005) twice  one in each partition P1 and P2. P1 may be a TOD enabled partition, while P2 may be a normal partition. P1 will be listed above P2 in the calling device CSS.



Posted: June 6, 2006 by cciestudy in ToD

1. Create Time Period – Define timeframes based on Start/End time, Day of week, Year. Time periods does not span multiple days. If you need to define a time period that spans overnight, then you would need to define two time periods.

2. Create Time Schedule – Select the required time periods. 

3. Define Time Schedule in Partitions. Select the time zone, either of the Originating device or a specific time zone

The partition will be active only during the defined time schedules.