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IP Phone producitivity services

Posted: February 17, 2006 by sankar in Enterprise Parameters, System

To create an IDle URL, CIPPS needs to be installed.
It requires Microsoft Outlook installed on the server with CDO (Colloboration Data Object)
May require a reboot.

and it never worked!


Enterprise parameters

Posted: February 17, 2006 by sankar in Enterprise Parameters, System

Refer 3.3.3 SR4a

a. Automated Alternate Routing Enable – False by default, to enable set it to True

b. Peer Mode Enable Code —? Entarapeeee – This enables the code to enable Peer mode Database. Default is 0000, Maximum length – 4 — Check this out!!!!

c. Sync between ADP and Phone config – Default is True. If set to false Cm will not update ADP when updating speed dials, ip phone services, directory numbers etc.

d. Max no of device level trace – default is 12, max is 256, min is 0

e. URL Help – help hyperlink in the gateway web pages. (/help”>http:///help). Once you add a gateway like 6608, you should see a help hyperlink which takes you to product specific help.

f. Dependency records is set to False (disabled) in 3.3.3 sr4. Its enabled in 3.3.3

g. Show Ring settings ——- This will enable whether user can change ring settings or not. By default its set to False. If set to true, user can change ring settings from user webpage (http://cmserver/ccmuser)

Ring settings mean, how to ring when phone is idle and when phone is in use.

ex: ring normally, ring once, flash only, do nothing.

h. CDR parameters (6 parameters) – study these when you study CDR. ***REMEMBER***

i. Default Network Locale and Default User Locale – If a phone or device pool is not configured with a locale, it chooses what ever locale that is configured here.

j. URL Authenticate, URL Directories, URL Idle, URL Idle Time (sec), URL Information, URL Messages

Find out what is URL Authenticate ********REMEMBER*********

URL Directories – for showing corporate directory on phone. Remember to change all Enterprise paramater server names to ip address.

Make sure all users in CD have telephone field defined. Otherwise people wont be able to dial through a search in CD.

URL IDLe is used to display an image like logo of the company. Use IP Phone productivity services to perform this task. ********REMEMBER TO DO TASK**********

URL Idle timer = 0 (disables IDL url feature)

URL Information – press I page will invoke this web page.

URL Services – When services button is pressed, this url is invoked.

IP Phone Proxy address – To access all the above URLS a proxy can be specified.

k. Enable All user search – This if set to true, will allow blind search from Corporate directory in phone. Default is true.

l. User search limit. This is the number of users that are returned for a blind search from CD. Default is 64. Maximum is 500. (minimum is 1)

Dependency records

Posted: February 17, 2006 by sankar in Enterprise Parameters, System

Dependency records show cross relationships between various services / components with in Callmanager. Its enabled by default in CM 3.3.3. Its not enabled by default in 4.x